Monday, March 2, 2009

Another day to celebrate!

This morning a telephone call from our public school system woke us up. An automated voice kindly informed us that there would be a two hour delay due to hazardous roads. Yippee, 45 more minutes snuggled up in bed! What a nice gift on a cold, snowy Monday morning.
We do have a little sunshine this son is home on spring break. Even our pup is enjoying
some extra attention!
Today's Production Schedule: Painting two commission pieces (sweet sixteen and celebration plates), painting wild and delicious cake plate and wild thing martini plates, painting surfer girl and martini necklace charms, and posting my "Frozen Margarita and Lime Necklace".

Thanks to IndieSpotting: Your hand made shopping connection! Click here: to visit their hand made shopping site. Enjoy seeing all the talented artists whose work is shown here!

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