Friday, March 13, 2009

Girl's Night Out ~ Slumped Glass Class

click on the photo to see the girls hard at work!!
Girls Night Out Slumped Glass (and wine drinking) Class.
Along with my neighbor, Kim, I hosted an evening night out for the local gals. Kim invited a group of her good friends, all of whom have young children, for an evening of crafting, eating, drinking, and story sharing. After making dinner, feeding, bathing, and reading to the children, washing the dishes, kissing the husband, and making a dish to share, the ladies arrived, ready for a girls evening out. Everyone grabbed a bite to eat, and a glass of wine then gathered around the table to begin the crafting process. They learned a little about slumped glass, and the firing process, then designed a tile trivet using glass pieces and their vast creative skills. The sounds of laughter and glass breaking filled the house as wine was consumed, and art was created. The girls took full advantage of their evening out, enjoying every second up until closing time. :)


  1. i'm so jealous! next time i'm home (colonial heights/petersburg) we're definitely going to have to do this! how fun.

  2. This sounds like such fun, I wish it were possible for me to attend.


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