Sunday, March 22, 2009

..........First in a Series....Letters From Home Plates........

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A letter from the heart ~ for a far away Best Friend Forever.
Last weekend my B.F.F. was in town, along with her husband and another couple ~ whom we had the pleasure of meeting. Even though they only live a few hours away, with children, work and other time commitments, we don't get together often enough. But when we do, it's as though no time has passed and we're still the same kids we were when we first meet in high school. As I sat down to work on Monday, our visit was still in my thoughts. So I sketched out a few ideas, and came up with a new series for my story plates.....Letters from home...This is the first plate in that series. With family and friends scattered here and there, more letters from home will be posted in the coming weeks.
So grab a cup of coffee, and write a note to me about your B.F.F.'s

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