Saturday, June 20, 2009

Congratulations Graduate

Congratulations Chris!

An encouraging quote from Virginia Coach Brian O'Connor:
"It's exciting to think that about 95% of our club will be back next year. We have one heck of a recruiting class that I think will add to what we have right now. I think the competition in our program will be the best its ever been. There will be expectations on this team next year that this program has never had."

What else can be said - Besides we are all so proud of you ~
your dedication ~ hard work ~ accomplishments ~
and all around great kid!

Mary and Chris ~ Congratulations to you too! A parenting job very well done!
And, of course, Noel...Way to root on your big brother :)

We all look forward to watching you - and your team - play for the University of Virginia!

Enjoy your day!

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