Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Art Camp 2009....The theme for this week.... "Happy to be Me"

Summer Art Camp for Pre-School Aged Children
My first art camp of the Summer.
Four summers ago, after spending a ton of time and money at a paint your own pottery place - painting tiles for our remodeled kitchen and bathroom - I finally convinced my husband that a kiln was not a frivolous purchase. After the kiln was installed, I had a miraculous brain storm ~ I should teach summer art classes! That summer I held 2 art camps - with eight children in each one. Four years later, I now offer year round art classes and schedule an art camp for each week of summer break. New this year, after many requests and much hesitation, I listed 2 art camps for preschool aged children (4 - 6 years old). My first art camp of the summer, and my first camp for preschoolers was this week, and I was petrified! Would they listen, would they be able to do what I had planned, had I planned enough, would I be patient enough, would they tear up my house, would I need to call in the National Guard??????? Believe me, I was nervous. Well, camp ended today, I am still alive ~ my house is still standing ~ and I had a blast! Indeed, I would gladly invite this whole group back again. So, here is a taste of the projects we created and the fun we had....

Artists use green and blue paint to create a horizon line on their canvas. This painting will eventually be the background for their portrait collage.

Getting a "feel" for the clay before we get down to business ~ drawing, cutting, and adhering clay facial features to a round clay shape ~ which will eventually become a portrait plate.

Little artists wait patiently in line for their turn at the "sink".

Ahhh....Play Time....Welcome to Summer....And one of the things that makes art camp sooo much fun!

We LOVE snack time!!!
In fact, within twenty minutes of arriving the "When's snack time?" question begins to be asked.

The artists paint their bisque face plates with food-safe glazes. The better to eat off of, my dear.

Pottery Faces ~ All fired up and happily waiting to be taken out of the kiln.

Making cupcakes
Little Artists added all the ingredients and THOROUGHLY mixed them together.
Cooking is definitely a form of art - and these guys had it wired.

If you are interested in a more detailed "behind the scenes" look, click on the following picture and it will take you into the magical world of preschool art camp.

If you are interested in signing up for, or learning more about my art camps, click here.


  1. Got your email. We've been w/o power. Will convo. you.
    This looks like fun. Reminds me of VBS at our church!

  2. This looks like an awesome camp! You rock!!

  3. Love the snack photos. So cute hehe

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Wow that's really great! Wish we had something like that around here. I need an art camp for a 14 yr old though!

  5. wow, that looks like so much fun! i'm sure the kids love it, and what a great way to spend your time and talents!

  6. Wow looks like such good times! Love the pottery faces!

  7. What a great idea...quite the entrepreneur! I could totally see my oldest daughter doing something like that and enjoying it immensely! Isn't it great how the Lord gives us these opportunities!

  8. What a GREAT idea! :) I wish I could do something like that! Sheez, I wish I could be a student! Have more room?! :)


  9. There is nothing better to fuel ones creative spirit than working with children ~ their uninhibited freedom is greatly inspiring! I have been truly blessed through my artistic students.

    And ~ Victorian Lady ~ I always have room for another creative soul. Just let me know which class interests you. :)


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