Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Art Camp - Week Two - Animal Instincts


Pottery Puppy Face Plates

Having taught my first preschool art camp last week ~ I am now ready to take on the world ~ or at least week #2 of preschool art. The week began bright and sunny. We spent the first morning outside ~ playing with clay and constructing pottery puppy face plates. The children had fun creating "worm families" ~ then used their knowledge of circle and triangle shapes to make the features for their puppies faces. And, of course, more wormies for the puppies whiskers.

The drying process ~ outside in the sun. Once dry they will be placed in the kiln, fired, then ready for glazing.

Glazed Pottery Puppy Plates ~
Painted with non-toxic, food-safe glazes ~ Re-fired and ready for the art show.

Play time and Snack
After a little break for play and snack, the artists got back to business.

Animal Collage Pictures
Two colors were chosen for the under-painting~ pink being the main color choice ~ go figure! The artists covered their canvas with color. To add texture, the girls used real leaves and flowers as stamps. One of the girls even found a mushroom ~ which made for a most exciting stamp!!! Even better than that were those groovy sunglasses which I am totally digging ~ they were not used for stamps ~ but added to the overall cool artists factor.

The artists created "Eric Carle: animals out of painted papers

The little artists and what they see looking at them.

Hand Painted T-Shirts

The Artist created hand painted t-shirts using simple shapes, and acrylic paint.

Making cupcakes
First you crack the whole egg by smooshing it in your hands ~

To make healthy cupcakes ~ we add applesauce in place of oil ~

Carefully mix all the ingredients ~


If you would like to see more photos, or to learn about my summer art camps ~ click on the following picture.


  1. Oh, the budding artists! Aren't they the cutest. I love all the photos. I bet it was a BLAST!

  2. Thank you Cathie! My little camper was certainly so happy to be with you this week. She had so much fun. I cannot imagine a better way for a little person to spend two hours-- thank you!

  3. What fabulous crafts and pictures of the children doing their thing!!! This is simply awesome. I wish I could have been there. This is awesome!!!!

  4. Wow what an incredible bunch of lucky kids to have access to a wonderful program like this. Thanks for doing what you do!

    Looks like so much fun!

  5. I am sooo excited to see another fun art camp for the kids! I LOVE your ideas. We do snacks too...:)mendy

  6. Mendy - :) Snack time - and time to play - things that give art camp that extra fun punch :)
    Love what you do too - by the way.


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