Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Art Camp - Books and Illustrations

From Pictures To Words

To kick off this weeks Summer Art Camp ~ Books and Illustrations ~
we read and discussed Janet Stevens book ~
"From Pictures to Words -
A Book about Making a Book"
In the book Janet shares her book making process ~
the steps ~ which the girls listed ~
will help in the development of their own story.

The girls brainstorming session begins with the creation of their characters and setting.

The plot, which will involve action - drama - or a problem, comes to life as the girls think about what their characters will do ~ and develop their story board.

The artists draw their characters. Detail and color are added with colored pencils and black sharpies.

The illustrators work on the background scenes.
They develop a setting for each page listed on the story board.
Then outline, color and number the pages.
Once finished:
The characters are cut out and pasted onto the pictures.

A title page and cover are added.
The "dummies" ~ book speak for copies ~ are sent off to the publisher
~ Magic Markings Art Studio Publishing ~
Here they are edited, bound together and sent back to the authors.
The final step ~
Authors are given collage materials, which can be added to their art
for an extra burst of fun.

Pottery Plates

The story book theme was carried out in pottery plates the girls designed. Each girl chose a character from one of their favorite stories ~ drew and cut the character out of clay - then added the clay figure to their pottery plate.

The plates were fired, glazed and re-fired.

And ~ of course ~
Play time!

For more pictures or for camp information: click Magic Markings Art Studio


  1. Cathie: Marguerite had a great time at your art camp! Her plate turned out beautiful - what a wonderful keepsake for her! Thanks so much! -Maryann and Andy

  2. Your art camps look like SO much fun!!


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