Sunday, June 7, 2009

Illustration Friday - Craving - A cup of coffee and a letter from a loved one.

Illustration Friday's Theme - Craving
A cup of coffee and a letter to a loved one.
Glaze on Pottery

Two things I crave - my morning cup of coffee, and a loving word from my son when he's away at school. I painted this piece this past year ~ while our first born was enjoying his first year at the University of Va. I miss having him around the house ~ and will treasure every day of summer with the whole family back together again ~ our son, our daughter, and our sweet pup Rory.
Plate is available here


  1. Love this!! I love having a fresh cup of coffee on a saturday morning, loaded with flavored creamer. Sitting in my bathrobe and sipping away. Heaven!
    Great piece!!

  2. Nice work! Raising kids is such hard work, and when they go away you definately miss that work. My oldest is a junior in hs and has only gone away for summers at camp, but I can't even imagine after next year how I'll feel :( But I guess if they go off and do well then we did a good job as parents!

  3. very nice! I love the contain of your illustration, and also the painted plat!
    ..and....just a little more for the summer holidays to arrive, and all together!!!! :-)

  4. what a sweet illustration! i loved hearing the story behind it too.


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