Friday, September 3, 2010

Student Spotlight - Women Who Art

I'm finally catching up on my Student Spotlight with this weeks Artist Extraordinaire, 
Cindy McWaters.  Not only talented but possessing a wonderful sense of light-hearted humor; Cindy has been a welcome addition to our Monday morning painting group since this past February.  Through her chosen subject matter, Cindy's paintings reflect the value she places on of her family and the memories they share.

The Influence of Family and Memories

Portrait of a Grand-baby
This past summer our adult art class created portraits by painting directly on top of printed pictures.  The printed images were cut, adhered to a canvas with Mod Podge and painted with acrylic paints.  Here Cindy intently paints a printed image of her grandson playing on the beach. 
The finished painting is a stunning interpretation of the original picture - and a cherished keepsake of her first grand baby.
A Trip down the Nile River

For her next painting Cindy was inspired by a photograph of the Nile River taken during a boat cruise with her husband.  The cruise was during harvest time - in a two week period before flood stage of the Nile.  Her photograph shows Egyptians out in their fields harvesting the last of their crops before the river rises and floods the land.

Cindy's simple color palette and painting technique beautifully captured the light and midst in this poetic landscape.

The artist with her gorgeous, atmospheric painting ~ another dreamlike memory captured on canvas.

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