Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cool Stuff for Saturday - Decorated Pumpkins

Much to my summer-loving hearts dismay, fall is officially here! Although I've not yet seen frost on the pumpkins, I've spied paint, stencil, glitter, and amazing carvings decorating this wonderful symbol of fall!
How many ways can you decorate a pumpkin?

Modern Pumpkin Art - Found here

More modern white pumpkin ideas found here

Colorful Plaid Pumpkins - here

 How about a pumpkin tree?  here

 Pumpkins with Photos - here

 What's Halloween without a little bit of Martha Stewart?

Ready to Party?

To drink...
Keep your drinks nice and frosty with this fabulous pumpkin cooler found here

To eat...
Pumpkin Cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting - YUM

To Toast...
Celebrate the season with a Pumpkin Martini - found here

Happy Decorating!  Happy Fall! 


  1. That pumpkin cooler IS fabulous. I love it! And the faux bois napkins.

  2. Victoria - I agree! The pumpkin cooler would be a simple, yet elegant addition to any autumn/Halloween party!

  3. cheers to frost on the pumpkins!


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