Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haunted Family Portrait

 Family Portrait found here
A few weekends ago, while in the throes of redecorating our house for Halloween, I realized I needed something spooky to hang above the fireplace.  Hmmm....what could possibly scare the living pants or daylights (or dead nightlights if you will) off of everyone who saw it???  Thinking....Thinking....Thinking.  I KNOW!!!  A portrait of me - well actually a portrait of my family that included me

Haunted Family Portrait

Looking a little less scary than normal
Printing Process:
Here are the steps I took to makeover my family, just in case you'd like to try this with a photograph of your family.   I scanned an old photograph, taken when my children were much younger - fortunately, my husband and I haven't aged at all - then downloaded the photo onto Picnik a free online photo shop. Once on the site these are the "click by click" steps that were used to recreate our image into a somewhat haunted family portrait:  (1) click on "Create", (2) "Effects", (3) "Posterize" - once here, work with photo until the colors are just right then save (4) "featured"  - play with Picnik's Halloween features.  I used "vampire eyes", "masks", and 'Halloween stickers"  Once the recreated image is perfect save it. Then save it into a file or print it.  And you're done.
Although I loved the image, I wanted a larger print to hang.  So I printed a copy of my saved image, took the copy to Kinko's and had them blow it up into a 22 x 36 inch poster size print on paper.

Family Portrait - Painting in Process
 Original photo and larger printed image in the process of being painted.

Since the Kinko's copy came out darker and with less detail than I wanted, and since I really wanted a hand painted portrait above the fireplace - I decided to paint the Kinko's print. For this, I used a gray-scale color scheme and painted with a combination of black and white acrylic paints.  When finished painting, I covered the entire print with Mod Podge Gloss Varnish. 

Portrait Finished and Looking Spooky

I wanted the painting to have more stability when hung so I used a spray adhesive on the back and attached it to foam core board.  I couldn't quite get the painting to lay flat against the board without wrinkles.  Therefore, when doing this again I'll take it to a framing shop and have them adhere for a more professional finish!

My little batty family

Hanging above the fireplace
Along with a black and orange color scheme.  I don't think I'm going to want to take our portrait down after Halloween!


  1. What a fun idea!!!! It would be neat to do this each year as the children grow.

  2. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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