Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Ready for the Holidays...

Really?!  Getting Ready for the Holidays?!

I know, I can't believe it either!  I just spent this past weekend re-arranging our home and decorating for Halloween.  So why am I busy making, listing, and promoting items for Christmas - even though "No Christmas Music until after the Thanksgiving Holiday" is a long standing rule in our household?  Well, I guess part of the reason is that all of my pieces are hand drawn and hand painted thus taking so much longer to make. Plus with a new line of painted pottery items listed just for the season, I needed to kick up my holiday production schedule a lot earlier than my Christmas decorating schedule.  Another factor lies in the dual aspect of many of my custom painted items.  With the autumn wedding season in full swing customers are looking for personalized items - many of which are also perfect for those friend and family members on ones gift giving list.  Thus the fast forward motion of my seasonal preview.  So, even though our Halloween candy is fresh and untouched, and frost has yet to grace our pumpkins....I give you a glimpse into just a few of my newest Wedding/Holiday  gift items.  Cue Burl Ives and Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Hand Painted Wine Cooler/Flower Vase
This clay bisque cooler was hand painted in bright, tropical colors and would look great in a beach themed home or on the deck of a poolside party.  If there is anyone on your gift giving list who loves bright, happy colors and themes - as well as throwing spectacular parties - this fun fish cooler might just be the perfect present.
I painted this wine cooler in colors and patterns that were inspired by the delightful art of Mackenzie Childs.  Even though they are bright and cheerful, the colors and design in this cooler/vase would suit any season of the year ~ whether holding a bottle of wine at a tailgate party or on a Thanksgiving table,  or filled with roses on Valentines day or daffodils during spring, or cooling a bottle of wine at any outdoor gathering during the summer.
More of these wine cooler/vases are on still on my painting table - and will be listed as soon as they are finished and fired.

Handmade Cuff Links for Wedding or Holiday

These cuff links were handmade using an image of my Thanksgiving Day Parade Painting.  I painted the picture after our family visit to NYC a couple of years ago.  It depicts a man taking a picture of Snoopy as the balloon happily floats on by.  These cufflinks would be the perfect accessory for any Charlie Brown or NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade fan, or for the man with a good sense of humor. 

Of course, custom portrait paintings are always in high demand for gift giving so I'll be busy producing those soon as well.  With some fun, Holiday only, items to be listed shortly - so please stay in touch.  And get your list ready.  :)   But for this evening...I'm busy decorating for Halloween and getting in a quick workout so I can eat more pumpkin pie.  Hope you're enjoying these beautiful, crisp fall days and evenings!

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