Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Student Spotlight - Women Who Art

This weeks spotlight shines ever so brightly on the very talented, Cindy McWater's and her Winter Snow Scene Portrait.  Cindy began painting this sweet image of her daughter and grandson last February.  She worked on the painting throughout our cold, wet winter.  Set it aside during the heat of summer.  Started painting her portrait again this fall and finished it just in time for the arrival of grand-baby number two, who is due this week.

A Snowy Day

Cindy began her painting with a graphed out sketch of the winter scene and a palette of green, gold and red acrylic paint.  A field of Evergreen trees arose from the background with dashes of color from her complimentary color palette.

White paint was quickly layered in various directions to add motion and texture to the snow.

Her daughter and grandson gave a burst of color and life to the quiet field of white.  While a layer of white, red, green and blue paint add a delightful quality of movement and light to the trees and shadows.

Once the basic shapes and color values were created, Cindy continued to use her basic palette to develop the work with layers of paint.

Painting in Process:
The work in process as the images, shown in chronological order, speak for themselves.

Cindy holding her daughter and grandson's finished heirloom painting.  A true work of love that will be treasured forever.  We can't wait to see what develops with grand-baby number two!


  1. I enjoyed watching Cindy create this gorgeous painting! It really is a labor of love, her daughter and grandson will indeed cherish it.

  2. Thank you for your kind critiques - they will be much appreciated!

  3. Wonderful painting! I'm sure her family adores it and will treasure it forever!

  4. hi hi! i stumbled upon your sweet little blog and i couldn't help but hit the follow button! can't wait to follow your adventures in the future! xo - kate


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