Friday, October 22, 2010

Fresh Paint - Updated

Small Paintings Inspired by Old Family Photographs

These three small images, painted on 5 x 4 inch canvas, were inspired by family photographs of my mom and dad.  They started off as gray-scale value studies painted in shades of black and white.
Mom, as a young woman posing by her fathers car.

Mom and Dad, as a young married couple..  My father in his military uniform and my mother expecting her first child - my brother.
This painting is from a photograph of my mom, taken in the early 1960's.  My father was out to sea and mom was busy raising two babies (my brother and me) - and may have been pregnant with my sister.  Mom had just gotten her long hair cut into a much more manageable short hair style.

All dressed up and ready to roll.

Together We Serve - Ready to Serve their country and family.
Moms Time Out
These small paintings are available for sale here and would make a fun gift for a new driver, a young couple, your best friend, mom, sister or for anyone who loves vintage/retro decor.  

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