Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elegance in Dance ~ My Secret Desire

 Back Garden Cabaret - Found Here 

My mother grew up dancing, going into New York City for ballet lessons but later giving up dance for career and family.  Her feet now a testament to years spent dancing on point.  Wanting to pass on her love of dance to her daughters, she signed us up for tap/baton lessons then later ballet.  I, on the other hand, hated leaving a game of kickball or hide and go seek to put on my leotard and ballet shoes for dance class. After years of dance I finally talked my mother into letting me quit for my new found love - gymnastics.  Looking back, those early years must have made a pretty profound impression because I love dancing and watching the creative elegance of a good dancer or performance.  Most improbable of all, at one point it was my secret desire to be a Broadway dancer - go figure!  So, now my newest love - The Ballet Project  A collaborative work of dance, fashion design and photography that showcases the graceful lines of dancers played out against the landscape of New York City.  See the gorgeous work here and a few of my select favorites below.

 Violeta - Tribeca

 Elina - East River

I guess my lesson in this, which I would love to pass on to my daughter is...Listen to your mother, she really does know best!

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