Friday, April 24, 2009

Book Club Reads, Drinks French Wines, Writes a Haiku, And Discusses "The Elegance of the Hedgehog"

Camellia Flowers
And a cup of Jasmine Tea.

Last night was my debut as book club hostess for our couple's book club. The book of choice: "The Elegance of the Hedgehog."; the group: eleven philosophically challenged adults; the theme based dinner: ratatouille, fresh green salad with asian sesame dressing, french bread with goat milk butter, and tiramisu cheesecake; the wines of choice: French Reds; the challenge: create a haiku; a few of the results:

Renee, Paloma
deep, kindred souls, Renee's death
saves Paloma's life.

Old lady, young girl
they hide their intelligence
someone will find out.
Paintings on the Wall
The Revenge
of the Hedgehogs
and five syllables.  

Amidst the adzuki Beans 
a camellia bush

Wealth, dearth, and life loss
Cats, sushi, fatness abounds

Friends create new hope


Pollen is Present
coating Everything in sight
Claritin my friend.

My job really sucks.
It is slowly killing me.
Want unemployment.
And Finally ~ Welcoming our two new members:

Husband, wife, neighbors
they live on Lakewood Circle
The Book Club midway.

There is way too much talent in this group!

The discussion was stimulating. Those who had actually finished the book thoroughly enjoyed the characters, dialogue, handsome prose, and well-turned phrases. As a note to those who have not yet read "Elegance of the Hedgehogs" ~ muddle through the beginning, you will love this book by the end.

PS...Suz...Thanks for purchasing my "Thanksgiving Day Parade" Painting. :)


  1. Sometimes I dream of being in a book club. But then I am brought back to reality by the whines of my 2 year old. :) Really, your evening sounds fun!

  2. The book club looks fun! Yummy, the food sounds good too. Whoa, that is talent with an etch-a-sketch, i cant even draw a stick person on those things. Thanks for checking out my blog, i like yours!

  3. There are very talented artists in this book club (5th picture) :)
    I'm not very good at pencil drawings anyway...

    Easy French


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