Friday, April 17, 2009


Bleeding Hearts in Full Bloom
I love the way our yard looks at this time of the year. Our dogwood trees are in full bloom as are the bleeding hearts and hyacinths. The pansies, scattered around the house in window boxes, containers, and in the garden, are happily displaying their colorful petals. The mint is green and wildly excited about taking up as much space as possible. The azalea bushes are showing colorful buds which means, probably sometime next week, they'll delight us with a royal show of color. Next will bloom the hydrangea, my favorite, and the most romantic shrub of which I can never have enough. The weather has been rainy and cool this past week ~ not so good for our children on spring break ~ but now the sun is shining and in its springtime heaven. Our garden, in the upcoming weeks, will continue to surprise us and all the little critters who are just as excited about this colorful riot of spring.
Cheers to our continual growth!!!
If you are so inclined, share your favorite springtime flower.


  1. There are some unbelievably beautiful tulips outside my office. They'd have to be my favorite this year. Golden yellow with intense orange tips. Breathtaking!

  2. Mertensia!!! also known as Va.BlueBells - the blue is so intense in person. You can't see it in a photo. You have inspired me to post them on my blog. Thanks

  3. This month English dogwood is blooming profusely in my gardend. Not the familiar dogwood tree, but a shrub that propagates so easily and welcome.


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