Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A budding artists science fair project.

A Science Fair and Art Project on Zebras......
Yesterday, my neighbor, whose daughter is a regular participant in my art classes, called to see if I was at home. Her daughter had just finished a school project in which she was able to show off her artistic skills. She had explained to her mom the steps she had to take to complete the painting. "First we sketch it out on paper. Then we draw our sketch onto the board. Next, we outline it with sharpie. Then we paint it." As you can see from her project, she was also aware of her cool and warm color scheme. Her zebra pops against the cool background, and her information is highlighted by the warm colors of red and orange. In addition, her facts were first grade perfect ~ For example: Protection ~ "Run Fast!" :) Now I know what a zebra looks like, and exactly what to do if I'm ever chased by one.
As an art teacher, this made my day. Not only are my students a joy to work with, but, by golly, I have proof they're actually learning.
As a side note...she better get an A on this one!


  1. What a sweet blog you have! The colors just pop; great job!

  2. What a cute site- I just love the idea! I found your link on MomDot. Have a great day!



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