Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Do List...Paint, Paint, and Paint....

My List For Today ~ To Keep me from Distractions
This week is a busy production week so, of course, the weather is gorgeous. To keep me from the outdoor distractions of a walk, I had to create this list to remind me of things that MUST get done. There is the bookshelf to paint for Star of the Sea School's auction this weekend (turning little fingerprints into some kind of underwater scene ~ will post a picture of the finished shelf later this week), paintings to finish before my art show in May, Etsy items to photograph and list, art pieces for the Garden Club Flower sale next Wednesday, and "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" book to be finished and menu planned for our couples book club on Thursday, which my husband and I are hosting. Oh, did I mention the weather is beautiful?
AND...My son is giving his first official tour at the University of Va. today. I could easily make it there in a few hours......
Oh well, work beckons, and I love what I do. So, happily off to paint I go.
Wishing you all the delights of spring!


  1. The best thing that keeps me focused is turning on some good music (and a clean house) I will make myself work through a whole CD.

  2. Oh boy do I know how you feel about trying to stay on task, as I'm sure most hand made business people do. Great paintings in your photo above. Makes me want to get out the brushes.

  3. Angela ~ I will dance and paint through a cd tomorrow. Got quite a bit done today! Thanks for the tip!
    Monica ~ Thanks for the encouragement.


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