Sunday, April 12, 2009

Re-Decorating Again

From one suffering from O.C.D.D. (Obsessive, Compulsive Decorating Disorder)

Does nothing stay stationary?!
I spent Saturday moving furniture, pictures, and nick knacks around. Yes, it was gorgeous outside, but since I freely admit that I have obsessive compulsive decorating disorder, I spent a good portion of the day inside redecorating.

 My children have learned to spot the manic gleam in my eye when the redecorating mood hits, and they high tail it out of the house. 

Things are always moving around my house!

Although this weekend my daughter was sweet enough to hang for a little while, so I had help with the heavy moving. (But, I have learned that placing a towel under a heavy object makes it easier to move. Thus, I have moved many a large piece of furniture all by myself.) 
Everyone is aware of my O.C.D.D.
My good friends know about my disorder, but there are always those newbies who will walk in the house and say...."That wasn't there last week was it?" Anyway, just thought I would post a few pictures of my newest space redesign. 
Should I rearrange?
Let me know if there is anything you think could be moved a tinge to make the overall scheme look better. But be forewarned, I'm already thinking of pictures that might look a little bit better if moved...maybe over here..?


  1. Ha ha, "decorating disorder"! You can come by my place and rearrange stuff, I'd be grateful! Looks lovely!


  2. I need one more place to obsess about :)

  3. Your house is awesome! I'm officially jealous.

  4. Jessica ~ no need to be jealous as it it doesn't stay this clean with two teenagers and a lab!

  5. nice! i spent one day this weekend spring cleaning and organizing too!

  6. I have the same disorder - And I like how it came out!


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