Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hand Painted Mermaid Book Shelf....The Finished Piece...Ready for Auction

Hand Painted Mermaid Book Shelf is finally Finished and ready for Auction

I just finished with the final step, coating the book shelf with shellac to preserve the painting. Now it is ready for Saturday evening's auction. I kind of like the way it looks in our if anyone wants to buy this, and donate to a starving artist who loves to read..... :)
Best of Luck with your auction!!!


  1. That's lovely!! Looks like it was a lot of work - but well worth it!!

  2. I love mermaids! I love that book shelf!!

  3. Cute book shelf! I love the sides with the seaweed and tiny fish. Very creative.

  4. You make such charming art pieces, thank you for your kind comment you left me, it's very much appreciated =)


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