Monday, September 27, 2010

A Backwards Glance

Wrapping up another fun-filled boardwalk weekend with a quick look back at some of the Neptune Festival events from last Friday.

The morning arrived with conditions perfect for beach lovers who, like me, are not ready to give up the feeling of summertime - the sun warm, the waves gently rolling and the beach wide open.

The sandcastle builders were busy putting finishing touches on their sculptures before judging began.  This sand sculpture by John Gowdy - "Love Never Grows Old" - eventually won first place in the Solo Professionals category.  A retired firefighter, John is now a professional artist, sculpting and carving in both marble and sand. 

Friday morning was also the ideal time for checking out the art and craft vendors before the weekend crowds arrived.

Digital photographs by artist Lorri Honeycutt had the early morning crafting crowd laughing at her humorous images of miniature figures posed in clever situations.  Below are two that I thought captured the feel of a weekend beach party perfectly.
"Surf's Up"
and "Beach Music"
Click here for more information on Lorri or to view images from her Big World Photo Series.

And since we all know that you can't have an outdoor festival without wholesome, nutritional food to nosh on as you browse the show or watch the competitions, there was more than enough available to serve the hungry hordes.

Lunch time on the boardwalk with a plentiful smorgasbord to suit the delicate tastes of any food connoisseur.

Thankfully the bike path along the beach was uncrowded and perfect for cruising the show - but by Saturday evening - bikers beware - the crowd made it a path for walkers only.  But that was ok with us...

Wine Making
as we sat in our favorite outdoor cafe, sipping wine and watching the crowd and firework displays!

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