Thursday, September 16, 2010

Student Spotlight - Women Who Art

This weeks Student Spotlight falls on the newest member to our Monday Morning Painting Class,
Cindy Dixon.  Cindy joined our group at the end of June for a short, summertime painting excursion.  During the time she spent with our class she worked on, complained about, and finished two exceptional pieces of art.  At the end of August, Cindy returned to her job as a full time substitute.   We enjoyed Cindy's company and look forward to seeing her and the continued prowess of her painting talent at the end of this school year.

Portrait Painting
Over the summer one of our art class sessions included painting family photographs that were scanned, printed, cut and adhered to canvas using a gel medium.  Cindy chose to use an old sports photograph of her son in his baseball uniform.  Her son is now in college so I'm sure this painting brought back many nostalgic memories of his youthful escapades!  The whole portrait was re-painted and the surrounding canvas covered with various shades of green paint.

Here Cindy puts the final touches on the background greenery before signing her name and calling the portrait finished.

Left Hand Painting
For her next painting, Cindy wanted to paint with a looser, more expressionistic style.  Therefore, she decided to challenge herself by painting with her non-dominate left hand.
Cindy sketched in the composition with paint then quickly painted the main shapes with flat areas of color.

She continued to add color, shape and a focal point to her image then experimented with texture by dabbing the wet paint with a tissue.

The painting quickly progressed as the metal bucket was filled with dashes of white daisies and the ground covered with various hues and tints of pink sedum.

It was truly amazing to witness this painting progress, amidst moments of frustrated grousing, to the final masterpiece.  A real lesson in the limitless possibilities of a creative spirit!

Cindy - We wish you a great school year and look forward to your return next summer!
Keep Painting!!

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