Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not yet ready to call it quits...

Today marks the first calendar day of Autumn, but I'm not yet ready to say good-bye to the deliciously long, care-free days of summer!  In order to keep the season of summer warm in our hearts, my husband and I took a little time off and went for a long bike ride on the boardwalk this morning.  I was quite happy to see that there are plenty of other seasoned souls who are with us in spirit. 

In my town it's still
Summertime and Sandcastle Days.

 The boys of summer continue to set up beach chairs and shade tents ~

the ladies still gather for a girls morning out ~

beach babes, with their parents in tow, prolong their beach days as long as possible ~

while fishermen and women continue to cast their lines into the surf.

Sandcastle Days...

Yet, nothing says summer quite like a day at the beach building eye-popping sandcastles.

How lucky for us that the "Neptune Festival" brings these professional sculptures of sand

onto our beach with their talent and tools to create mind-boggling works of wonder.

That bring to mind sweet childhood memories of hours spent by the sea ~ timeless and carefree.

Ah ~ it warms my heart to see that within many of us lays an unshakable spirit of summer!

Look for more sandcastle images tomorrow as the builders will continue sculpting throughout the day today.


  1. What a beautiful place to live! Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful pics of the beach and those fantastic sand sculptures. I recently went out for a bike ride where I live to take in the beauty and calmness of nature before the cold and snow arrive.

  2. Glad to find the spirit of summer here!! Too much Fall has been going on in blogland already!

  3. Christine - Glad I could share a little summer with a girl from Wisconsin. :)
    Maya - A girl after my own heart. Let's keep the spirit of summer alive for as long as possible!


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