Friday, September 24, 2010

Wonders arise from the Sand

Sand in your swim trunks, Sand in your hair, 
When building a sandcastle, There's sand everywhere!

It's truly incredible to think that the devotion to and beauty of these amazing works of sculptural art is a vision so short lived.  So let's enjoy them while we can.

These sandcastles are being built on the shores of Virginia Beach and are part of the Solo and Team Masters Division of the Neptune Festival's North America Sand Sculpting Championship - an internationally known event and one of the largest competitions of its kind on the East Coast.
The contest draws more than 300 competitors in all divisions. This year there are sculptors from Canada, Italy, India, Japan, Russia, Latvia, Australia, Netherlands as well as the United States.

The weather has been summertime hot, but at least the sculptors are not fighting wind and rain!  The sand sculpting event will continue on through the weekend with a local school division on Saturday and a business division on Sunday.  A sight to behold, even if for a short period of time.

And where there's a crowd...

The funnel cake cart is there to make sure the hungry are well fed!


  1. Your artwork is fabulous! I grew up in VB and I'll be there next week so I hope to see those sand sculptures too. No rain! ps- Found you through Maya.

  2. Pam - We went down again this evening and they are even more beautiful at night - hopefully they'll still be there when you arrive. Safe travels!

  3. Just discovered this when visiting Pam's blog - her best friend Sarah is one of the amazing artists in my art class! The world is small indeed!


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