Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here comes the Bride - Wedding Portraits

 It must be wedding season!
This past weekend my sister-in-law celebrated her upcoming October wedding with a bachlorette wine tasting party in Charlottesville, Va., yesterday Rachel Ray featured plus-size wedding gowns on her show and  wedding gifts were featured on Oh Joy!  I've also had quite a few requests recently for custom painted wedding portraits.  Below is one that I've finished and three others on which I'm still working.

Custom Wedding Portrait Triptych 
A playful piece of sculptural art.

My first request was for a custom painted wood block triptych.
A reproduction of the customers wedding portrait was hand painted on a piece of primed canvas,
 cut into 3 pieces and adhered to 3 sanded and stained wood blocks.  The blocks can be rearranged in numerous ways adding a lighthearted touch to a traditional portrait.  I love this unique way to display a wedding portrait. 

The next request was for a custom painted portrait on canvas

The bride and groom are good friends of ours who will be celebrating their one-year anniversary October 4th.  We were at their ocean-front wedding last year and I am honored to paint their anniversary portrait - a surprise gift from my friend to her husband.

The painting in its early stages - still waiting to be finished.

Next came this sweet request ~
"First of all, I must tell you, I love your work!! It is so unique and your paintings are fabulous. I am writing to you because my best friend got married this past July and I would like to turn one of her photos into a painting."   You know I couldn't say no to this - and the picture of the bride and groom is so elegantly casual I love it.
The original photograph
and my Painting in Process

 And...The most recent request was for a hand painted canvas of a couple with a peacock in the background.  The bride wanted something for the entrance of their wedding and their theme is peacock.

The original photograph
and the early stages of my interpretation of the photograph with a peacock painted in the background.

I guess you can understand why my blog posts have been a little bit sparse recently - just trying to keep up with all these weddings!  :)

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  1. Nice post! I joined your blog and had lot of fun and learnt many things about photos on canvas arts.


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