Sunday, September 26, 2010

Student Spotlight - Women who Art

Artist of the Week - Mimi Boseman
Mimi was one of my star students this past summer - often coming to class twice a week to work on her paintings and to delight us with her company and conversation.  This week the spotlight highlights Mimi's portrait of her kitty.

Working from a photograph, Mimi painted in the background and basic shape of her cat.

Then gave more color to the canvas through the blues and yellows of her pansies and yellow in the kitty's eyes.

Mimi used a feather brush for the fur and hair and a round brush to layer color on the foliage.

The flowers were outlined in white to make the individual petals pop
and feathery detail was added to her cat for a hint of her elegant nature.

Behold the master and her finished portrait - a most colorful pair indeed.

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  1. I love how Mimi's painting came out! It is so sweet and colors are gorgeous.


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