Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dive Into the Pool!

Welcome to my studio as a fresh sequence of paintings are created.

This is the first in my new series of "Diving into Summer" Paintings ~ 
capturing the nostalgic feel of summer afternoons by the pool.

The original photograph and inspiration for this piece ~
Extreme Diver in 1963 - found on Flicker

Photograph ~ copied, cut, and collaged onto an 8 x 10 inch gallery wrap canvas.
Background composition sketched in and first layer of color painted on the canvas.

Color palette ~ mainly blues, greens, golden browns, yellow and white.

Detail and facial features lightly painted in  ~

The finished painting ~ signed, sealed and available in my shop ~

And hung together with Vacation Cruise

Thank you for your visit.  Please feel free to leave comments about your summertime memories.


  1. Love your art as well as your site, wonderful!! very fun, bright, and refreshing!

    Art by Karena

  2. Love this!! I'll feature one of your works in my header too..., the post will go up on Monday.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thank you Karena - so glad you found my art and my site - I enjoyed reading the information you share on your blog - and love your colorful paintings.

    Maya - Thank you so much - Monday won't come soon enough :) I look forward to being featured on your lovely blog!

  4. Hello! Found you through Cathy Nichols' site. I love your work- the additional elements you add to each composition are just perfect, and the pieces overall have such good energy.


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