Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Women who Art...Student Spotlight

This weeks student spotlight falls on
Mimi Boseman and her artistic rendering of
"That darn chair"

Working on the lines, colors and texture of an old Adirondack
chair nestled in the green grass ~

Proved to be a wee bit of a challenge ~

as Mimi worked through getting the perspective and
patina of the chair to her liking.

But with a few friendly critiques from the artistic group,
and using her own creative vision ~

she conquered the lines - overcame the obstacles

and created a charming image of a worn out chair
sitting in a garden of green, pink, blue and brown.

It's such a pleasure to watch as this group continues to learn from one another, pushes the boundaries of their comfort zones, and produces work that is truly amazing. Not necessarily "Women who art" but "Women who Conquer"! Mimi - thank you for giving us a lesson in well earned perseverance.

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