Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Family ~ My Inspiration ~ My Story

I always thought that growing up in a beach town, 
 image found via flicker

marrying a man who loves to surf, 

  raising children who grew up with sand between their toes, 

having well-ridden beach bikes and beach gear always ready to go,

and spending almost every family vacation at a coastal town somewhere

were what stimulated my love of painting colorful images of beach babes 

 and surfing scenes.  
But upon closer introspection, I now realize it goes much further back then that - the love of the sea and all things beach related run deep within my blood!

My grandmother, as a teenager with her father and sister at the Jersy Shore, loved the beach.

 My grandfather, as a young man, loved his time at the Shore.

And together, as adults, they treasured their family vacations by the ocean.

Introducing my mother to the gentle pull of rolling waves and sand at a young age.
Which continued to draw her into her young adult years ~

and proved to be the place where she and my father would retreat while he was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. 

It became a welcome destination for relaxing and family time once children came along.
We settled in Virginia Beach when I was six - 
and it is here that I, along with my two brothers and two sisters, grew up ~ where I got married, and where my husband and I have raised our two children.
  And, now that we are grown and with families of our own, the beach continues to be the place where my parents go to relax, 
 to walk, and to gather with their adult children and grandchildren...subtlety passing  along their deeply ingrained  love of, and respect for, the ocean and the beach.
One can see that my heritage, along with my family, are a huge part of what have and what will continue to inspire me.
 ~ That is part of the story behind my work. ~
I hope that I have encouraged you to consider from who or what comes the motivation behind your creative spirit.


  1. Great blog! It really brought back fond memories of when I was young. My mother loved the beach and we went every summer.

  2. great beach and vintage pictures! i live on cape cod with my family and have lived here all my life--we have a similar story and pictures in my family as well--and i always laugh when we go on vacation somewhere because with one exception (new mexico) it has always involved a beach!


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