Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Women who Art - Student Spotlight

This weeks Student Spotlight welcomes you to into my studio to view the work of an incredibly gifted artist who is also an asset to our class ~ Virginia Hudgins.
 During this session, Virginia chose to reproduce a sailboat photograph she found in Coastal Living Magazine.
 With her great eye for color, Virginia selected a palette of white, purple, blue, brown and green paint.

 Then used a combination of these colors to paint the landscape,

as well as the shadows in the sailboat and along the grass.

 By means of a very steady hand, she enhanced the feel of a bright, sun-lit day with highlights of white, deepened the shadows of blue, green and brown ~

 and created a whimsical field of wild flowers.  With a few minor touches to finish the painting ~ 

 Virginia has another masterpiece to add to her collection.

Thanks to Virginia for allowing me to showcase her talent!


  1. I love the painting with its purple-ish sky!

    And thanks so much for adding Daily Vitamin Sea to your blog list..., I added you to my blogroll too.

  2. I enjoyed this - watching the process from start to finish.
    I work with a large community of artists daily - but unfortunately I don't get to get involved until after the painting has been completed (I work for a fine art and photo printing company).

    Thanks again and I enjoyed looking at all the art on your site!

    Noelle Hines


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