Monday, April 19, 2010

Pottery Painting Parties

 I recently hosted traveling Pottery Painting Parties for two young ladies celebrating their birthdays, bringing the supplies to their respective homes.  The party goers were so creative and cute, I had to share the pictures.  

The first party was held indoors with a group of first graders.  The birthday girl is one of my art students, as is her grandmother - YaYa.

Here the birthday girl and YaYa share an animated conversation,  discussing the influence of classical art techniques on the modern artists of today ~

while two party friends create modern art designs on their pottery plates.  Mom is close at hand to share her views on the subject and for a little extra creative support.

As the party and conversation flow, the birthday girls mother and YaYa enjoy watching the children enthusiastically paint their pottery plates.

This little artist considers the modern art debate as she contemplates the use of color, shape and line within the context of painting a square plate.

And, mom adds her special artistic touch with these delightful art palette cupcakes ~ the perfect dessert for an art party - almost too cute to eat.
Then I was off and running to the second party of the day  ~ This time with a group of second grade girls.  Since the day was gorgeous, the party was held outside, which was perfect for this active group of young ladies.

 After a little bit of outdoor play, the birthday girl and her friends quickly re-focus their attention to the artistic task at hand ~

And gather 'round the table for a productive bit of pottery painting ~

as the sun shines brightly overhead, adding warmth and light to the colorful party scene.

The girls add their final creative touches to the pottery plates before scampering off to play.

~ A week later ~
The plates are ready ~ after being glazed, fired and packaged for delivery ~

with decorative accoutrements for the party hostesses,

and their lucky guests ~ who now have a decorative reminder of a special day with friends.

Happy Birthday Girls - And Best Wishes for another wonderful year!

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  1. That's awesome. It seems like the perfect party. I know my kids would love it!


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