Monday, April 5, 2010

Gift Ideas for Him...

Be he father, husband, fiance, boyfriend, son or
groom, these following fun finds from Etsy would make a
great gift for any special occasion.

From other Shops:

Recycled Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses by Bottlehood
Four tumblers made from SpeakEasy San Francisco BIG DADDY IPA beer bottles...great graphics printed onto the India Pale Ale bottle.

Topical Error Seafloor contour map Silk Tie by Toybreaker
(I bought one of these for my son for Christmas this past year!)
Printed with distressed remnants of 1900's sea-depth estimates taken in Scandinavian and Arctic waters. These levels are rapidly changing now due to climactic shift.

Words on Wood by Kelsyhenke
Photographs of unique and colorful letters printed mounted, heat-pressed and sealed onto wood with black beveled edges.

Swinger Tree Board Shorts by MediumControl.
Screen printed design on fast drying micro-fiber board shorts.

New from my Shop:
Cufflinks for the Surfer

Surfer Cufflink Set surfer who, when out of his board shorts, and dressed up for an evening out, wants to wear his love of the sport on his sleeve.

Family Surf Cufflink Set for the dad who loves to surf with his children.


  1. These are excellent ideas! I am going to remember them for fathers day or my hubbys bd. Thanks for Sharing!


  2. thanks for including the medium control boardshorts - much appreciated.

  3. I love the design on the ties..., only I don't like ties, LOL.


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