Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plein Air Painting During Garden Week

The flowers have co-operated and are out in all their glorious color just in time for Historic Garden Week and for a Plein Air painting session.    It seems as though the wicked winter was just what the gardens needed ~ making springtime sun light and outdoor color just too pretty not to capture on canvas.  Fortunate for an art group who were itching to get outside and paint.   So, this week my art class met at the gorgeous home of one of my students for our first Plein Air painting class. 

 There were plenty of scenes from which to sketch and paint.

The ladies selected their view, set up their easels,

or their chairs and 

enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air

as they began to work 

on their Plein Air paintings

or to finish a painting already begun.

 Of course, when you have a gathering of women, the conversation, laughter 

and camaraderie are what we treasure most - and this group never disappoints.

Of course for some we might prove to be a little overwhelming - luckily a little nip always seems to help.  We certainly did benefit from the fresh air and send out a huge thanks to Mimi for graciously welcoming us into her home and garden.


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