Monday, July 19, 2010

A Bridal Shower becomes a Family Affair

This past weekend we celebrated the engagement of my sister-in-law ~ the youngest, and last of my husbands six siblings, to get married ~ and her fiance - who is also one of seven children.

Her bridal shower gifts became a true combination of talents between my daughter, my husband and myself ~
My daughter drew a sweet sketch of the bride, groom and their puppy.

The image from her drawing was then used to create wine charms, a wine label 

and a button mirror for the bride.

I made a set of cuff-links for the groom,

hand painted and fired a pottery wine cooler,

while my husband cooked, chopped and mixed together this delicious roasted shrimp and orzo salad
(find the recipe here)

and creatively packaged together the handmade gifts.

Everyone chipping in their talents to help celebrate the marriage of this wonderful couple. 

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