Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Women who Art - Student Spotlight

Good things come with patience and dedication.
The perfect saying for this weeks student spotlight and the wonderful work of Nancy Young.  Nancy started painting her abstract landscape in October and graced us with her sweet presence until late December when she migrated south for the winter.  Returning to our Monday morning art group in the late spring, she diligently worked on her painting until the masterpiece was finished.

 Graphing the image into 1 inch squares.

After graphing her canvas into 2 inch squares, Nancy lightly drew in the landscape shapes and began painting the colored areas.

Slowly moving down the canvas, she continued to paint the each section with her color palette of green, red, yellow and blue.

With each stroke of her brush, the line of trees became more visible and the reflective water surface took form.

Nancy blended together complimentary colors of red and green to create a darker shade for the shadows of her red trees.

Nancy's painting came together with lovely lines of color for the tree trunks and dots of color reflecting off the waters surface.

Nancy put her finishing touches of yellow on the tree trunks and a division line between land and water.
And, after a final comparison between the copied image and her art work ~ and with a "wall worthy" blessing from the group ~ Nancy exclaimed she was finished and signed her name.  Abstract landscape - a painting well worth the changing seasons of painting.

Nancy - Thank you for gracing my house and our art group with your charming company and colorful work.


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