Friday, July 23, 2010

A Cool Image for a Hot Day...

My husband, daughter and I were suppose to head a few hours south for a college tour today but decided to reschedule due to the high, and probably very uncomfortable heat index.  So, instead of hitting the road early, I hit the paints and finally finished a commissioned portrait painting.  Which is, ironically, the perfect painting for a hot day like today.

The original photograph
the painting in process:
The beginning ~

The middle ~ 

The end.

The original photo and the finished piece side x side.
I am used to painting water in its liquid form ~ this was my first attempt at painting a snow-filled  winter scene.  I hope the recipient loves it!

In case these images have you craving something cool and refreshing:

 Here's a Fountain-Style Vanilla Malt Shake recipe that you might want to try.
Find the recipe here

The vanilla shake reminded me of the snow covered hills :)


  1. I'm sure the recipient will love it! Amazing job on painting the photo!!!


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