Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Art Camp - Surfing Art

This past week was the perfect temperature for our "Surfing Art" camp ~ As my group of artistic surfer girls ~ inspired by the surf, sand and sea ~ designed their beach themed art with the mediums of pottery, paint and collage.

The wonderful art of children is so inspirational and beautiful.
Surfer Girl ~ Hand Drawn Images by Four Little Beach Babes
The images above were created by the girls in my "Surfer Art Camp".  You can click on the pictures to download them as coloring book pages. 
The girls used crayons to color in their beach babe portraits - which were then laminated and glued onto a mat board.  They each wrote a few sentences about the picture and added decorative images of sea life around the mat board frame.
Hand Painted Pottery Fish Plates
Each artist has their own distinct style
that becomes visible as they make their color choices,
and add paint strokes to the medium on which they work. 
Fish plates fired and ready to be taken out of the kiln!

Hand Painted Beach Girl Portraits 
A picture was taken of each girl holding a boogie board.
The girls used their beach picture as inspiration for paintingWorking the colors of tan sand into the light blue water that was then mixed into the bright blue sky.
They drew their portrait, added sea life, outlined everything with a black sharpie and painted their artistic renderings with acrylic paint.

Surfboard Designs
An image of a surf board was drawn onto a large piece of foam core board, cut out with an exacto knife,
and painted by the artists.  The boards were glazed with Mod Podge and a hook was attached to the back for easy hanging.

Nutritional Cupcakes
The girls made delicious and somewhat nutritional cupcakes by using mashed up peaches and orange juice in place of oil and water in the ingredients.
Of course, the gobs of icing and sprinkles, while adding to the yumminess of each cupcake, diminishes the wholesome value somewhat. :)

Beach babes ready for the waves. 

Thank you girls for inspiring all of us with your artistic vision!

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  1. Such a cute idea. This would be great for my little brother's birthday party sometime. thanks!


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