Thursday, July 22, 2010

Women Who Art - Student Spotlight

With this weeks spotlight I welcome one of the newest ladies to join our Monday morning painting group ~ Mary Pat Harris.  Mary Pat broke her hand the week before her class began, but refused to let this handicap get in the way of completing her very first painting.  All the while saying "Well, if the painting looks horrible, I can blame it on my hand." 

Even though she had never painted anything on canvas before, Mary Pat decided to challenge herself with a pretty complex floral image.  After painting the background with a combination of yellow, pink and white; Mary Pat pondered the composition, graphed the image and sketched the design onto her canvas.

Never letting her broken hand stop her,  she quickly added color, shape and texture to the canvas.

As the painting developed, we all were amazed at how quickly Mary Pat developed a "Van Gogh-like" technique ~

through her short painting strokes,

expressionistic use of color,

layers of texture,

and movement shown in the form and lines.

Mary Pat took a floral still-life and reinterpreted it into a fusion of lyrical rhythm,

and emotional color.

After seeing her finished art work, which is astonishing,  I know you'll agree that there is no need to blame that hand on anything.

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