Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Women who Art ~ A Lesson in Color Glazing

For the past two weeks the ladies in my art class have been working on a gray-scale color painting of a conch shell.

Although lovely on their own, these paintings were created for a color glazing lesson.
taught by our first "Visiting Artist" ~ the very talented ~ and patient ~ artist, Lee Dickerson. 
Lee came prepared with a painting done in gray-scale to demonstrate the color-glazing technique.
As the ladies watched, Lee mixed together red and white acrylic paint and a Liquitex Gel Medium  to create a translucent glaze color that was applied to the lighter areas of his painting.
He slowly built up layers of glaze color ~
until his painting had various values of color ~ with the original gray-scale contrast peaking through from behind. 
 After watching Lee's demonstration, the ladies were ready to apply his techniques to their own work.
They selected and mixed together paint and gel medium,
applied one color to the background,
then gradually incorporated more color,
while keeping the underlying values from their previous paintings.
 At the end of class all paintings were placed on an easel for a group critique.
(the framed shell is an original painting by Lee)

Conch shell paintings - finished for this week.
Next week color glazing will continue, with consideration given to helpful advice passed on during the class critique.

Lee - thank you so much for your time and talent.  We cannot wait to have you back for another session :)


  1. Great post! I love watching your students at work! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This post is awesome it reminds me of all the torturous organic object drawing i had to do in high school but later began to love an appreciate :) great job

    happy tuesday

  3. Oh wow they all look wonderful!

  4. No comments on how cute Lee is? :) This was a great class and the paintings are more lovely in person. Thank you for your inspiring comments.

  5. These really did turn out wonderful! Such receptive students. It was great being able to see every person's indivudual style emerge. I would love to come back to paint, especially if Cathie keeps up the flattery. :) Thanks for welcoming me into your beautiful home to share the art!!


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