Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cool Stuff for Saturday

Doesn't the site of a cupcake bring back wonderful memories of childhood ~ and make you giggle with over-all happiness?!  In my household we love cupcakes ~ (especially the sweet red-headed variety ~ cupcake being my daughter's nickname)   In reference to this pleasurable treat, this weeks "Cool Stuff for Saturday" post is all about these delightful, miniature delicacies.

Charming Cupcakes
Polymer Clay Cupcake Charm
Find the directions here

Floral Cupcakes
Cupcake Flower Centerpiece
Find the directions here

 Fizzie Cupcakes
Cupcake Bath Bombs ~ A fun way to make cleaning up fun.
Find the directions here

Luscious, Decorative Cupcakes
Make your own pretty paper cupcake liners
find the instructions and cupcake paper template here

Gorgeous Hydrangea Cupcakes
Find the recipe and directions here 

"Toasty" Cupcakes
Find a delectable cupcake martini recipe here
Wishing you a sweet and wonderful weekend.

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