Friday, July 16, 2010

I think I'm in my Blue Period

Lately my color palette has contained quite a bit of blue. 
Either I'm in the middle of my "Blue Period", or unintentionally channeling the feeling of cool water during the warm days of summer.  All of my recently finished paintings, and those on which I'm currently working include a hint of blue.

From my Swimming Series:
Young Girl Swimmer in Pink (sold)

 Swimmer in Orange (sold)

Young boy swimmer (sold)

Girl Swimmer in Red - Painting in Process

Boy Swimmer - Painting in Process

To my Surfer Girl Series:
Surfer Girl

Young Surfer Girl

Even my winter ski scene - a commissioned portrait painting,
has an undertone of blue

    I think I'll celebrate the end of a creative week...
with a blue moon cocktail.
If you'd like to join me - you can find the recipe here 



  1. Oh I LOVE your blue period Cathie :)!!! Blue is one of my absolute favorite colors ever! I love the particular tones of blue you use, they really convey the feeling of water with their amazing turquoise and aqua shades! And I'm glad I discovered your wonderful artwork... my Treasuries shine with it :)!

  2. thank you annuk! and I'm always thrilled to have my work curated by your creative eye!

  3. I love your blue phase..., and I need a pool!!


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