Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Art Camp - Contemporary Art

Summer Art Camp ~  Week Five ~ 
Contemporary Art - Art that has been, and continues to be produced during our life time.  Or, mainly from the 1960's until now.  The art students studied and were inspired by the work of contemporary artists and created works of art based on this theme.

The first artist we studied was Steven Sylvester. A contemporary clay artist whose current work-in-progress is a series of life sized ladies dresses made from clay and wire.

First the artists designed their clothing on paper - with a little inspiration provided by Steven Sylvester and fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers
 Templates drawn, cut and placed on top of rolled out terra-cotta clay.
The artists cut the clay around their template ~ smoothing out rough edges with their fingers and a little bit of water.
 Additional, decorative elements were added to the clay forms.
Then the clay clothing was placed over bottles to dry.
The finished pieces ~ fired, painted with acrylic colors and varnished with clear Polyurethane finish.

Our next artistic foray was into Digital Art or Computer Generated Art.  This art form utilizes digital technology in the production of art. 

Transformation of portraits through the help of Picnik's creative posterize program.

The artists colored the back of their printed image with charcoal, flipped the image charcoal side down onto a painted canvas, then outlined each colored section of their portrait with pencil.  Thus transferring their digital portrait onto the canvas.

Images transferred with hand painted backgrounds.  How cool are these?!
 Painting in the variations of color.
Finished portraits.

Project #3
Printing with a Digital Portrait Image

 A portrait of each child was transformed into a black/white "neon" image
through Picnik's neon program.

The artists placed their b/w portrait on top of a piece of Styrofoam and traced over the white lines with a sharp pencil - transferring the lines onto the Styrofoam sheet.
A thick layer of acrylic paint was painted onto the Styrofoam sheet then pressed onto a piece of white paper.  Presto - A Portrait Print.

And - of course - the end of class "Cupcake Making, Decorating and Eating" Project.

And the proud artists with their art work.
Well Done Art Students - You make an  art teacher proud!! :)


  1. How beautiful to see these little artists at work!!!

  2. This seems like so much fun...if you ever need.a helper let me know!


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